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Reading and Literature in the intermediate grades concentrates on the five essential components of reading including phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. The curriculum uses a variety of genres from basal readers and trade books. Students further develop their inferential comprehension skills as well as their ability to predict outcomes and identify main ideas and supporting details.

Language Arts

The ability to recognize and write good sentences and paragraphs continues to be developed in the intermediate grades. The students learn that writing is an integral part of the learning process. Mastery of the parts of speech and their usage is expected as the students continue to practice their grammar skills. Spelling lists are mastered weekly with the study of new and familiar vocabulary. Writing and Spelling rules are stressed.


The curriculum is organized in a way that incorporates review and the introduction of whole number concepts, measures, fractions, and decimals. Logical thinking and problem solving is a focus throughout the curriculum. Abundant practice and speed drills assist with the assessment process. At the fifth grade level students begin tracking into regular and advanced groups.


Intermediate science leads students continually from the known to the unknown by teaching important concepts within the context of things they can see and know. The aim is to help them understand basic principles of science rather than to merely teach science vocabulary. Students learn about plants, animals, matter, energy, light, rocks and minerals, and weather. Demonstrations and activities throughout the year keep the learning lively and interesting. Science Lab experiences support and enhance the curriculum.

Social Studies

The high interest, inspiring, narrative approach to American and World History bring to life famous people, major events, changes in way of travel, communication, and thinking. Included in the fourth grade curriculum is the study of the state of Florida, its history, geography and government. All intermediate students continue with map study skills. Current events play an important role in the social studies curriculum. Weekly Reader is used regularly as well as newspaper articles on local, state and world events that will shape history.

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