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Language Arts

The Superkids Reading Program is the backbone of the Kindergarten language arts program. It is a program for beginning readers with a cast of characters that children love. Based on proven pedagogy and compelling brain research, it combines rigor and fun. Every child learns to read through engaging stories, captivating songs, surprises, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The integration of language arts is enhanced through handwriting, spelling, simple grammar and oral and written expression. The use of Weekly Reader, books, listening centers, computer activities, poetry and Big Books support the program.


Concepts and skills are developed to include critical and abstract thinking. Measurement, patterning, calendar skills, graphing, coin value, time, even and odd numbers are included in basic math instruction. The children learn to count to 100, count objects to 100, recognize numbers to 100, write numerals to 100 as well as understand cardinal and ordinal numbers. An array of manipulatives is used to support instruction.

Science and Social Studies

Kindergarten begins to explore the world around them by thematic and seasonal units. The goal is to peak an interest by including current events as well as the beauty of God’s creation. Good citizenship as well as protecting the environment is stressed.

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