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All middle school students will use a tablet as their primary learning tool for class and home.

Middle School Social Studies

The middle school program includes the study of world history, American history, geography, and civics. Students discover how to link the present with the past as well as recognize the hand of God in human events. Map skills are stressed to enhance understanding of the world’s regions, countries, oceans, landforms as well as the fifty United States and their capitals.

Current events are emphasized as the students are prepared to become knowledgeable and productive citizens. Students also are guided to understand that the actions of the past will affect their future.

Middle School Science

Science in the middle school covers a broad range of topics as the students explore Earth, Life and Physical Science. The study of plant and animal life, geology, chemistry, matter, astronomy/space, environment, atmosphere, as well as the scientific method provides a varied program for each level.

Students consistently work in the science lab to enhance their studies as well as their sense of curiosity. Teachers consistently seek out related field trips and opportunities to increase the understanding and appreciation God’s world.

The health curriculum emphasizes physical fitness, nutrition, safety, energy, physical growth as well as personal challenges. The development of a healthy mind and body is stressed at each level.

Middle School Math

The sixth grade continues their study of arithmetic with an emphasis on a wide range of mathematical skills including fractions, decimals, percents, measurement, geometry, word problems and algebraic concepts.

As seventh graders the students focus on abstract thinking through a comprehensive pre-algebra program. The students learn to be precise and analytical while they learn to use specific algebraic terms and expressions to arrive at the correct answer.

All eighth grade students are afforded the opportunity to study Algebra 1. Throughout the course the students are encouraged to use their reasoning ability as they work with axioms, rules and principles of Algebra. Accelerated students study though Florida Virtual School and can earn high school credits in both Algebra and Geometry upon successful completion of each.

All middle school students are expected to challenge themselves in math but it is realized that some will need a more moderate pace. Lighthouse Christian School will track the students for math instruction to assure their individual success and increase their confidence for the future.

Middle School Literature

The literature program bridges students’ reading from elementary reading skills through formal analysis of its literary elements. The course of study includes all the genres of literature: fiction, nonfiction, short stories, poetry, drama and novels. Literature at this level involves a great deal of critical thinking and discussion.

Students utilize a literature anthology textbook as well as trade books and periodicals. Reading as a leisure activity is stressed and encouraged.

Middle School Language Arts

English at Lighthouse Christian School focuses on developing strong writers. The program through comprehensive texts blends all elements of grammar, word usage, punctuation and sentence structure in order to prepare students to write clearly and concisely. Each year the program achieves more depth in the understanding of the English language.

Clear, concise writing is the goal of the English instruction. Varieties of writing styles including expository, descriptive, poetry and persuasive are taught. Students are guided to approach the language with a combination of creativity and analysis.

Foreign Languages

French is offered to Middle School students as a language elective if they choose no to continue with Spanish after grade 5.

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