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The Navigator program at Lighthouse Christian School is an innovative, personalized and rich educational experience for students in grades 1-8 who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate learning challenges or who need to fill in some gaps in their education. Students are given the opportunity to maximize their academic achievement in Reading and/or Math. The program is not designed for the student with a primary emotional, social or medical dysfunction. Students will attend Navigator classes five days per week and are mainstreamed for the remainder of their classes. Instructional models may differ based on the student’s level and learning style. Navigators is staffed by an instructor with a master’s degree in varying exceptionalities as well as assistants who are experienced in special education. The program is limited to the first 20 enrolled/reenrolled based on the following admission criteria:

  • Psychological testing/IEP from the county
  • Previous school’s recommendation and records
  • Parent/Student interview
  • Review of application folder by the LCS Child Study Team

There is a tuition stipend and agreement for the Navigator program.


The Clippers program is designed for students in grades 1-5 who have exceptional reading skills and would benefit from advanced reading and writing instruction. The additional enrichment is designed to complement their advanced abilities. Students are referred to the program by the teachers based on ability, achievement and emotional maturity.

Clippers students attend their program twice a week in conjunction with their classroom Language Arts program. The program’s instructor has a master’s degree in gifted education and many years of experience with academically talented students.

There is a tuition stipend and agreement for the Clippers program.

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