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The goals of the primary reading program include the development and strengthening of strong, fluent and independent readers. Comprehension, vocabulary development, as well as a love of reading is stressed. The students utilize basal readers, trade books, support materials and computer activities. The students read in large and small group settings, as well as independently. Strategies are implemented so the students learn to read for information as well as pleasure. It is realized that various other academic subjects will require developed reading skills. Therefore, the students are encouraged to apply learning in this area to other subjects.

Language Arts

The main goal of the primary language arts program is to create and develop confidence in oral and written expression. Students practice language mechanics, grammar, spelling, and handwriting in whole group as well as small group and individual activities. Creative writing enhances the curriculum as students develop stories, write in their journals, learn about paragraph development and make oral presentations. Weekly spelling lists, activities and assessments are also an integral part of the program.


The Mathematics instruction in the primary grades emphasizes a problem-solving approach based on everyday situations that develop critical thinking and application of concepts. The topics covered include, but are not limited to numeration, operations, computation, geometry, measurement, data, graphs, patterns, time, money, fractions and word problems. A wide variety of activities ensure that all learning styles are addressed. Manipulatives, mental math, computer activities, drills, and games are used throughout the primary grades. Student assessment confirms the importance of drill and repetition in mastery of each concept.


The science curriculum approaches learning about the wonderful world from a Christian perspective. Students experience Science relevant to their everyday lives through observation and careful study of such topics as nutrition, the body, the weather, plants and animals, the planets and the environment. Regular demonstrations and experiments in the Science Lab enhance the curriculum.

Social Studies

The primary grades focus is the study of their American heritage as well as the history of the United States. Geography and map skills are developed. Weekly current events publications develop local and global awareness that empowers the students to be thoughtful, caring and responsible citizens.

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