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  • It is parents and teachers working together to make Lighthouse Christian School (LCS) an exceptional school for our students.
  • We carry out activities that support the educational and spiritual experience of our students.
  • We host social and fun events for families and staff to build a strong sense of community.
  • We sponsor fundraisers that provide funding for school improvements.
  • We organize Room Parents who help teachers with various classroom events.
  • It is a rewarding way to stay current and involved in what’s happening at LCS!

Ways to support the PTL

As a member ~ Your membership not only supports the PTL financially, but it grants you a stake in the future of the organization and its impact on the school. (Dues are $40 per family.)

Serve as a committee chairperson ~ Taking the lead can be a very rewarding experience. New faces and fresh ideas are always welcome and appreciated.

Attend special events and fundraisers ~ Don’t miss out! These events raise funds to support the PTL’s programs and are a great way to get to know your school, the staff and the students.

Volunteer for special events and fundraisers ~ Volunteers are the backbone of the PTL; always needed and greatly appreciated. Get involved and stay connected with the school. Each family is required to donate 20 hours of their time to PTL events. $20/hr will be charged for any uncompleted hours.

Provide feedback about the PTL ~ If there’s something you’d like to say, we’d like to hear it! Comments, questions and concerns are always welcome.

Communication ~ Communication is the key to any good relationship. Here are the various methods we use to communicate with your family.

Our 2016 - 2017 PTL Officers

Gina Cabrera (President)
Mary Soltesz (Vice President)
Dalila Dias (Secretary)
Kate Huck (Treasurer)
Sonja Jeffers (Room Mom Coordinator)

2017/18 School Board

Daniel Lubbers (Chair)
Derek Skiba (VChair)
Susie Miller (Secretary)
Steve Baun
Suzanne Citere
Julie Watson
Jenette Zubero
Myles Loesel
Michael Rao
Wendy Hunt
Rita O’Leary
Wayne Myers
Gina Cabrera PTL Rep

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