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Community Service is any work performed for a non-profit organization (i.e. church, school, homeless shelter, other community organization, etc.) by a student on his/her own time and without compensation. All services performed should be under the supervision of an adult and should not be performed during school hours.

All Middle School students are required to perform Community Service. The following hours are required for LCS Middle School students:

6th grade: 10 hours

7th grade: 15 hours

8th grade: 20 hours

Examples of Service:

beach clean-up, read to the elderly or young, clean up around church property, prepare food and/or work in a soup kitchen, participate in a community project. Babysitting, for example, is not typically performed under adult supervision or for a non-profit organization, and therefore, will typically not qualify for community service hours.


Each students service hours must be recorded and signed by an adult representative of the non-profit that received that student’s time. Acknowledgements, which include students name, date of service, and hours of service provided, must be completed by the non-profit organization AFTER the service has been completed, and not in anticipation of upcoming service. Each day of service needs to be recorded separately, but may appear on the same Acknowledgement form.

No Service Acknowledgement can be completed by the student or parent.

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