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Summer Reading helps students achieve the “Summer Leap” –
the learning and reading skills gained during the summer months
that help students prepare to tackle the upcoming school year.

*The POWER OF CHOICE: We have compiled a list of Suggested books based on a variety of interests, reading levels, content, favorite authors, and popularity. According to research, 91% of students will finish a book they have chosen themselves. Building on a student’s interests encourages them to read more often, even for the reluctant and struggling readers. If your child wants to read a book that is not on the list, and it is matched to their reading level/interest, encourage it. Some students specifically want to read non-fiction while others like to read to let their imagination go wild.

*Make their choices ACCESSIBLE. Be sure to be involved with your child when they are choosing their summer books. Whether you take a trip to the bookstore or are purchasing them on an electronic device, encourage them to find books that meet their interests.

*READ EVERY DAY! As kids spend more time reading for fun, their reading achievement increases and they are motivated to read voluntarily.

*Reading as a leisure activity is the best predictor of comprehension, vocabulary and reading speed.

Literacy is the pathway to success. Like any skill, reading requires practice. Summer reading needs to be FUN for all students! Take the Reading Adventure with your child and encourage them to be the best independent reader they can be!

Download the following:

More resources available:

You can view more extensive summer reading lists and/or you can create a
specific list based on your child’s age, grade, reading level and interests.

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